Monday, April 13, 2009

Initial D Battle Stage 2

Battle Stage 2 is a recap of the battles the street racing team Project D encountered in the past series. It summarizes the story of the previous series and shows videos for their battles. This is basically car porn. There are battles between AE86, FD3s, Mazda Roadster, Cappuccino, EK9, Integra, S2000, R34, Evo5, Evo6, Impreza, AE85, S15, S13 and more if I’m missing any. Lol! And coincidentally I just watch Fast and Furious 4 last week. This is like sweet, heavenly icing on the cake. Hmm! Time to plan for a car change. Again!

If you are a car enthusiast, get this anime. If you are an Initial D fan, get this. If you love to race, get this. But no matter what you do, do not drink and drive. This is a friendly community reminder.

Recap’s like this are “mostly” always appreciated, provided that you are actually clear of the contents before buying the anime. There is nothing more irritating to buy/download an anime only to find out it is a recap of what you have already watched. It would have really rocked-the-boat if they actually included something fresh other than cars. Like maybe just a short discussion between Takumi, Keisuke, or any other characters. Didn’t have to be about cars, just something to show more of the characters’ faces. Consider it a short break from all the racing. That would help freshen the whole anime up.

Initial D Battle Stage 2
Rating: 3-Stars
Torrents: Project D

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