Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mai-Otome 0 S.ifr

Mai-Otome 0 S.ifr is an OVA to the original Mai-Otome series. S.ifr tells a story which took place at a time when Rena Yumemiya (Erika's mom) was alive. A lot of characters from the original series are present in this OVA, so viewers don't have to worry about feeling left out. In fact, they will feel right at home.

That's right, you fans will feel right at home as the story goes on with Otome and their Masters and Power Gem terminologies thrown around. Just remember to explain what's going on to your friend sitting besdie you. And hope that the Mai Otome series gains another fan :p

Perhaps it's because I've watched more current animes, but the graphics has somewhat failed to impress me. Although the battle scenes are much more flashier than before, with missiles and more kick-arse stuff.

What really made this anime enjoyable was that there was never a dull moment. there was funny scenes, touching moments, happy and sad times, exciting battles but never a single dull moment. Viewers can really enjoy Mai Otome 0 S.ifr from the very start till the very end. It is a definite must watch for all Mai-Otome fans.

One thing though, I was really enjoying the battle scene halfway and next thing I knew. Someone pulled off a "Janet Jackson". Seriously! Why spoil the mood of an adrenalin moment by whipping out a txttx all of a sudden. (The statement above is aimed at the anime studio, Sunrise, and it's artist)

Initially when drafting this review, a 4-Star rating was what I had in mind. Then watching the anime again, I came to realise, I can't find a single reason to justify my 4-Star rating. Lol! I couldn't find any solid fault strong enough to drop it from a 5-Star. And a boring ending is probably a bad excuse. So in the end, Mai-Otome 0 S.ifr came out as a 5-Star winner!

Mai-Otome 0 S.ifr
Rating: 5-Stars
Torrents: Doremi and Otome subs 1 2 3

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