Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lupin III: Sweet Lost Memories

This movie tells the story of Lupin the Third losing his memory. It occurs after he made a pact with a "genie" of a magic lamp (think Aladdin) which granted him a wish with the condition of losing half his life. And now, Lupin III is on an adventure to recover his lost memories.

It's really hard to explain properly without revealing any spoilers, so I'll leave you readers at that, all confused and messed up. Lol!


Lupin III movies, to me, has always been filled with great imagination. And this movie wasn't an exception, with a very interesting storyline, it somehow manages to just appeal to viewers. Gaining more fans with each passing movie, I believe.

The story is enticing. Being a mystery and unveiling clues, bits and pieces a little at a time. there are some slight loopholes in the script though. leaving some details unexplained. It's pretty minor though and doesn't affect the story. What can I say? I'm a critic :p

Even though Lupin is the main character, the movie doesn't let him hog all the spotlight. Focusing and cycling around each other character really helps keep things fresh. Viewers get to see the story from different perspective.

To be honest, this is only my third Lupin III movie. I found this episode containing more sexual appeals than the previous ones.

I really enjoy the music selection, which enhances the whole movie experience. Both theme song and background music.

Graphic wise, viewers will notice that then drawing style of this movie follows the tradition of previous episodes. keeping things light and simple, which gives viewers a certain nostalgic feeling which is a definite must in every Lupin III movie. don't worry though, the variety of bright and lively colors used successfully lifts the mood of viewers. Not forgetting the funny antics and the interesting story.

Without any violent filled action, super special effects. Just a nice and simple movie with an interesting story. Lupin III: Sweet Lost Memories gets a well deserved 5-Stars.

Lupin III: Sweet Lost Memories
Rating: 5-Stars
Torrents: Frostii

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