Thursday, January 15, 2009

Soul Eater

Soul Eater takes place in a world where peace and order are kept by people called Soul Technicians. Technicians are teamed with people called Weapons, which as the name implies can transform to weapons. Technicians wield these weapons to help them in combat. These technicians and Weapons are led by the Shinigami (Grim Reaper) who runs Shibusen, a school for training new technicians and Weapons. The focus of the anime is on 3 main teams of Technicians and Weapons. There is Maya and Soul, a girl and a scythe. Next is Black Star and Tsubaki, a multiweapon (blade, shuriken, smoke bomb :p). Last is Death the Kid who wields 2 guns, Liz and Patty.

Soul Eater oozes pure energy. Since the first episode, the anime has managed to keep its flair pumping up till now. Stories are direct, no fuss making a big circle to solve the same mystery. Viewers are kept on the edge of their seat, with the constant action each chapter brings. Allowing minimal rest in-between combats, probably giving viewers a moment to take a short breather, before plunging into the next action sequence. The introduction of a character by the name of Chrona might slow down the pace a little, but we’ll see how it goes. Hope it doesn’t spoil the tempo. :p

The character designs are superb. No wait, they are perfect! Perfect in a way that if any character was to be altered, the feeling of the anime would have changed. Every character has their individually appealing attributes. Making every character unique and possibly getting a fanbase of their own.

No complaint regarding the sound department too. Vocals and sound effects are well complimented. Due to the abundance of fight scenes and varying environments, a well played choice of sound effects greatly enhance the feel of the anime. Every punch, every shot, every slash, every speech, so terribly sweet!

This is one anime which I have absolutely no idea how they can improve on. In simple words, there is currently no other cooler animes out there compared to Soul Eater. A definite rating of 5-arse-kicking-Stars!

Soul Eater
Rating: 5-Stars
Torrents: Baka-Updates

A little off the review, but let me tell you a “bedtime” story.
After work, you come back. You take a bath, grab your dinner, then take a rest. You then turn on your pc, get some snacks and drinks. And get comfortable in front of your monitor. Next, you crank up the volume a little, and it’s time to watch the Soul Eater episodes you’ve been saving up. You finish one episode, 9pm. You finish the next, 9.30pm. You continue on, 10pm. Next thing you know, it’s 12am. You know you’re screwed as you’re working tomorrow and you aren’t in bed yet.

You finally get to bed after watching another 2 episodes. You fall asleep. Next morning you wake up, probably with an aching body and feeling bummed. But it all doesn’t matter, all that you are thinking of is the next episode of Soul Eater. And work will probably sark for the rest of the day.

And THAT is why viewers should only watch Soul Eater on the weekends. Lol! Cause it is more addictive than Oreos itself! (As in the cookie -_-‘)

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  1. Just finished the final episode minutes ago. The ending doesn't feel satisfactory. There were insufficient battle scenes when combating Asura and too much talk which really brings down the action rating. I expected something much much better coming from Soul Eater.

    Meh! Didn't even get to meet Maka's mom.