Sunday, January 25, 2009

Toaru Majutsu No Index

Toma Kamijo's right hand has the ability to nullify any form of supernatural power, whether it be magical, psychic, or divine; he lives in a city populated by students with these powers. Yet unfortunately for Toma, his arm also seems to nullify good luck. Despite his bad luck, Toma tries to stay out of trouble and just live out his life, trying to be the "good guy" whenever he can; but trouble enters his life one day when he finds a young girl hanging on his balcony. She turns out to be a nun of the Church of England, bearing the Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum - a collection of 103,000 forbidden texts, and as a result has a number of people after her. How far will Toma go to protect his new companion from her pursuers? Source:


And now for the review.
As technical as it may seem, if viewers manage to grasp what the script is trying to say and the story it’s trying to layout, it gets very very interesting. At least it feels refreshing considering that the story is somewhat different from the usual anime.

The battle scenes are enjoyable too! With magicians and E.S.P.ers having different elements and powers of their own. Having slight logic and tactics during battle adds even more excitement to the anime. Not forgetting the captivating ups and downs (and in-betweens) of the relationship developed between each character as the story progresses.

Drawing, sound and coloring wise are all satisfactory. Probably slightly above average for most viewers.

Toaru Majutsu No Index would have been off well without the occasional ecchi. I don’t see the point of putting ecchi in there anyway. As long as viewers can get past the first 5 episodes, the anime will be fine as it gets more and more addicting. Don’t be scared off by the huge amount of technical terms used in the anime.

If I could change the anime, I’d make it so that Touma Kamijo’s teacher (sensei) actually looked her age, instead of looking like some loli gone wrong.-_-‘ The more important change would be that there are TOO MUCH CICADAS. It gets a little irritating after a while.

Overall, Toaru Majutsu No Index gets a solid 5-star. Enticing viewers with an interesting story, solid character casts, exciting battle scenes and a pinch of romance.

Toaru Majutsu No Index
Rating: 5-Stars
Torrents: Eclipse

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