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In feudal Japan, Kurou and his servant Benkei are fleeing from Kurou's elder brother, who has recently ascended to the throne. In a forest, they come across a house and a strange woman by the name of Kuromitsu, who agrees to harbor them under one condition: that they do not peer into the inner chambers. Soon, they are attacked by the Red Army; they are searching for Kuromitsu, whose blood holds immortality. Fatally wounded, Kurou drinks some of Kuromitsu's blood and gains immortality along with strange abilities; but shortly after, Kurou is seemingly decapitated and wakes up centuries later in a ruined city. In this twisted future the Red Army is omnipresent and still searching for Kuromitsu’s blood, while a rebel army seeks to keep them from acquiring it. With threats at every turn and fueled by his obsession, Kurou sets forth to find Kuromitsu and seek his revenge on the Red Army. Source:

Wow! Talk about amnesiac flashbacks. Kurozuka will flood viewers with cut scenes consisting of dreams and flashbacks. Unfortunately, it is up to you to determine which is which as half the time even I had difficulty telling which scene is suppose to be dreaming and which scene is reality.

Action is there, in every few episodes, there will be a nice little fight sequence filled with fluid movements, fancy poses. Everything a viewer could ask for. Too bad every fight seems to be over in like 2 minutes or so. It’s a little heavy on the gore side though, with bone crunching, body slashing, torso ripping, you get the idea. :p

I like how the anime plays around with the love between Kuro and Kuromitsu. They didn’t really bother with too much mushy scenes or a long love script. Just a little flashback every now and then to rekindle the feeling. You could just feel the romance going on between them. The affection they have for one another.

Kurozuka definitely pass with flying colors in terms of packaging. With excellent drawing, coloring and sound effects. The anime feels like a million bucks. Just if only it was more solid in terms of content. Perhaps a little more explanation as to why the script unfolds as it does.

Rating: 3-Stars
Torrents: Shinsen-Subs and Yuurisan-Subs

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