Thursday, January 1, 2009


Kuroshitsuji tells the story of Ciel, a young Earl (nobleman) of the Phantomhive family and his butler, Sebastian. Sebastian is actually a demon who has made a contract with Ciel. The demon will serve the Ciel as a butler at the price of his soul. The Phantomhive family appears to have helped the Queen in solving abnormal situations where normal humans can’t and Ciel is planning on carrying the tradition.

There’s a special aura surrounding this anime, dark yet welcoming, mysterious yet alluring. A receptive viewer will be able to feel a little love-and-hate going on between the Earl and his butler. The content is kept interesting with ever changing plots, having a grim reaper in one episode and meeting a werewolf in the next.

Overall output is satisfactory. The neat drawing will escape criticism, though there is room for improvement. Not fooling too much with the colors too, which is a safe bet. In a way, viewers might feel that this anime is taking the slow road. Gaining fans little by little, rather than going with a bang!

I don’t think they really bothered much regarding the sound department. Voices are played well. The background music succeeds in helping viewers feel the time or year of the anime as per script. But there seems to be a lack of variety in the sound effect department, as viewers feel as if they are listening to the same background music over and over again.

The interesting content has managed to keep Kuroshitsuji above average among the others. Stories are kept short and crisp. Viewers can understand what is going on without feeling any lack of depth from the characters. There are also some comedy actions going on every now and then.
Rating: 4-Stars
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