Sunday, November 22, 2009

Aria the Origination

It is the year 2301. Man has terraformed Mars into a beautiful water planet, and has renamed it "Aqua". Built upon it is Neo-Venezia, an exact replica of old Venice, with beautiful waterways, palaces and plazas. Akari Mizunashi, a 15 year old girl arrives from Man-Home (formerly known as Earth) to become a gondolier trainee at a company called Aria Company. The company is lead by Alicia Florence, one of the three best gondoliers, also known as the three Water Fairies. Trough hard training, Akari aims to become a Prima herself. Many encounters and mysterious events are sure to follow on this planet of miracles.

Having no plans today, I finally took the time to finish of Aria: The Origination. That anime is s.l.o.w.
To the point it’s borderline boring. First 3 episodes, I fell asleep. Another 3 episodes, I fell asleep again. Lol!
It’s been a while since I took such a long time to finish off a 13 episodes title.

But wait, it was ONLY borderline boring. It never crossed the line.
Me falling asleep? That’s just because I find the anime totally dreamy. The storytelling, the animation, the water passageway and the boats, the characters, the music, everything is just so gentle.
Love the ending theme! Kin no Nami Sen no Nami by Akino Arai

Despite missing the first 2 season, I can really see the somewhat mysterious charm behind the Aria titles. It bears resemblance to what seem like a perfect world; Which really does occasionally provides a good getaway.

I’d like to say, don’t let the 4-Stars throw you off. I’m not making it up when I say there’s a mysteriously charm about Aria that I’d really like you guys to check out. Despite having the lamest lines, the things they say in the anime really feels like it reaches out to you. Touching indeed. It’s something I really like viewers to try out first hand before deciding on the anime.

Now can someone explain to me why all the Presidents of the companies are cats? Or, by my definition, are they aliens instead?

Aria the Origination
Rating: 4-Stars
Torrents: Hitode

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