Friday, September 11, 2009

Terms, Conditions, and all that Crap

Let's face it, my last About page was boring, uninspiring, and downright sucked. So let's try to free style something random up for my new About page...
Damn! Nothing!

Instead, I got an idea for something else. Take a deep breath before continue reading.
Breath in...
Breath out...

Terms and Conditions
By breathing during the course of reading this post, you HAVE already agreed to obey all rules and practice the guidelines set up by Anime3R while at this domain.
Anime3R has one rule and one rule only.

"blur is KING"

If you fail to adhere with the rule above, you will willingly accept the ass-whooping from blur you so secretly desire.
Now for the guidelines:

1) blur may or may not refer to himself as a third party durings posts. Why?
Cause blur is great! Do not be ignorant of this.

2) When blur says "Thanks for the kind words"/"Thanks for the comments"/etc.
It only mean 2 things.

If you are a male, Congratulations! You have proven yourself worthy of blur's presence. He may or may not drop SPAM on your site at any point in time which he so chooses.

If you are a female, Congratulations also! You have now proven yourself worthy of blur's "companionship". Now go take a number, beautify yourself and wait for blur's summoning.

3) To further achieve enlightenment to prove yourself worthy of one day being able to be embraced by blur with his soft bosom. Subjects may perform the following ritual.

First load Anime3R on your monitor.
Upon done loading, stand on your right feet only.
Next wrap your left leg around your neck making sure your left feet is above shoulder level.
Then put your right hand through the gap between your left leg and torso, circle it around your left shoulder and pull your ears.
Follow it with a somersault.
To finalize the ritual, play and complete Street Fighter 4 on all difficulty levels and unlock Akuma while maintaining the body position as is.
Upon completion, an angel will descend and fly you over to me where my bosom awaits you.

An alternative to the ritual would be if you are a hot babe. Plastic surgery may be tolerated but not recommended for fear of parts falling off during Fornication.

At any point of time, new guidelines may be added to blur's discretion. It is the sole responsibilty of subjects to make sure they are well informed.


  1. oh crap, now I have to get ready for summoning!

  2. Lol. Just hope this doesn't get anyone offended or something. Although.. I wouldn't mind some haterz. :p

  3. Gee... what number do I have?! And let me not forget... HAIL TO THA KING!!! Does that push my number closer to the top? :-p

  4. Notice the green number down below? That isn't a hit counter like what people think it should be. That's the number waiting in queue.

    And yeah.. It just keeps growing and growing and growing. Lol!