Sunday, September 6, 2009

Music: Gungrave - Akaneiroga Moerutoki

When I was on a speedboat traveling back from the Island trip. This song just popped into my head. I have nooooo freaking idea why.

Then everything came back to me. How I loved Gungrave. How I hated that the series ended and left me wanting more. And how everyone dies one by one as the anime nears it's end. -.-"
To the young me of that time, this anime was some heavy shit. From friendship to betrayal to love.

Among the highlights of Gungrave to me was definitely it's ending. I don't know the reason why it's not in my mp3 list then... Well, it is now. ;)

Akaneiroga Moerutoki by Scoobie Do

Full version - Make sure you reach the mid part. Love the solo!
As someone mentions in the comments. This song is just sexy.

I just noticed something. With a title consisting of syllables like
1) Akane
2) Iroga (pun: eroge)
3) Moe
You can't deny this song it's greatness. :p


  1. To be honest, its not really my kind of thing...its not a bad song, just that I can't picture myself piloting a giant robot to it

  2. Discovered this song about a week ago, and I love it like crazy. Great pick! Scoobie Doo's a pretty funny band. (See their music videos for more info lol)

  3. @Snark
    Being at a beach; Having just whooped the head honcho villian whose robot is still ablaze lying like a lump of the disintegrated plastic that it is.

    Then your robot's cockpit hatch opens. This ending theme starts playing; As credit starts rolling down the screen as you stand up and stares off into the sunset. Sexiness!! :p

    Welcome to Anime3R. Always good to find someone agreeing to your taste! While youtubing for this song. I saw that they did a naruto theme also. Love that too! :p

    Thanks for dropping by!

  4. I saw Gungrave a long time ago, and I loved the ED too! It gets on my playlist from time to time.