Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Snowing in August

Finally got off my lard-butt and completed this display. Although will "improve" with time as I give it more snow. For now, sore fingers means I'm gonna stop for a while. And being all excited! I'm gonna post this up first. Lol!


"You are taking forever! Give me the foam and I'll show you how to slice it up!"

Sore fingers, a packet of energy drink, and 3 episodes of Majo Saiban later

Dislike how Asuka's hair prevents her head from being tilt up. So she always faces downwards. Only remedy? bent the waist upwards and face her chest up.

Super glue... Your best friend or your worst enemy

Loooooooooong accessory there

Next display I'll be fiddling around with.. will be "A little green" for Miss Nagi-san.


  1. LOL someone got too much free time in his hands. and yes that is the ugliest snow Santa/I had ever seen XD

  2. hmm i'll try this if i have the place to do diorama for my XAN and King Gainer... my room is too small for all these... nice guide!

  3. @klux
    Lol! and to remedy the ugly snow. I just brought home some other grades of Styrofoam. Gonna test it out and see if it looks better. :p
    Wouldn't want Santa to blacklist me now would I... -.-"

    Thanks. Neh, don't really need a big room. Just a small spot not hogged up by your massive Mech figure collection. :p
    Looking forward to more of your mecha shots!

  4. wow... u broke pocco arm???

    huhu nice when u have a big glass box ^^ cool ^^

  5. Heh, now that's a pretty slick diorama!

  6. Yeah I agree that is quite awesome and creative! >.<

  7. @razrig
    Actually came off the moment I took Pocco out of the box. Lol! Gonna ask Dex and see if he has any comments. Not looking for a replacement though. Since I already superglued her.. HAaha!

    Thanks! As usual.. am appreciating your kind words!
    *Now back to my mecha eroge designed by Snark.. Lol!*

    *WoAh... Mimi just posted a comment in my blog.. Awesome!!*
    Oops. Thinking out loud again. -.-"
    Hey there and Welcome! Thanks for the comment and dropping by. Have always read about you and Jayman's exchanging words in his blog. Lol!

    Motivation Level-3 des!

  8. Alright Mr. Creative! ^_^ Cool display and please... that Santa gots to go! LOL I really got start collecting figurines!

  9. Lol.. If Santa went away the display box feels empty. But you just gave me an idea, maybe I can find a better looking Santa. One with similar size to the figures. Hmm...

    Not forgetting the reindeer will be lonely too..

    Ahh.. I see you are turning to the dark side.
    Figurines are dangerous! As klux and Bmecha will attest to. Lol!

  10. O_O There's a dark side to purchasing figurines??? LOL!!!

  11. i don't know what blur is talking about *sits in the corner brooding over my savings*