Friday, August 14, 2009

Is 3 days considered mini-Hiatus?

Gonna me MIA for 3 days. Heading over to the state-next-door for the G.A.C.C. Yeap, gonna go to an event which includes cosplay with strangers whom I've never met but already know that I like.
*Zipz up my butt* :p

I waNt Me sOme WalLScrollszz!
Lol.. But I doubt there'd be any good ones. Even if there were, probably will be sold out before I can say "Go with the flow, Get some Moe!"

Wtf am is all this crap that I'm saying?! Lol!
This will be the only post that I freestyle... Period!

Anyway.. When I get back, expect lots of posts! Probably will be 1 post per day cause I have like 3 posts in my draft folder waiting for airtime. So I'd like to apologize in advance, for hogging up the anime traffic next week.

Chows! And thanks for checking in... suckas.. :p


  1. Considering that most blogs are lucky to post once every three days, no, i would not at all call it a hiatus.

  2. fuck. I wanna go to. Fuck. I forgot I'm broke. Fuck I'm fucked...

    enjoy your days *glares*

  3. Have fun! ^_^

    Went to a Japanese bookstore today in Midtown and brought this Kanji book (A Baka like me is going to teach herself Kanji now... o.o) anyhoo, saw this box that had Gundam on it, thinking it was a figurine because it was nicely packed in cellopane and I'm brought it and I'll all happy that I brought my first figurine and guess what... IT WAS TRADING CARDS W/GUM. So disappointed... -_-

    Anyhoo, looking forward to the posts next week.

  4. Have fun mate!

    I usually post every 4-5 days, so 3 days is definitely not a hiatus (well at least for me).

  5. Back guys!

    Thanks for the answers and comments. :)
    I did have fun. Although I also found out how much I fail as a blogger (will talk about it in coming post).

    Well at least you're taking the initiative. LoL!