Sunday, July 5, 2009

Eden of the East

When I started watching this series, it took me at least 6 episodes (halfway- mark) to realize the relevance of the title.

The theme song opens to a nice rhythm and drum beats all to the end, but despite being penned by Noel Gallagher of rock group ‘Oasis’ fame, the lyrics leave much to be desired as doesn’t make sense, at least to me. But I think it will be a great number to jam to on ‘RockBand,’ and it catches on to you after a few episodes and naturally plays repeatedly inside my head. The soundtrack also features other nice songs, especially the English song towards the end.

Most of my knowledge of female anime leads are in reference to characters from the Sailor-Moon and Final Fantasy franchise. Therefore my encounter with Morimi Saki is actually a refreshing change . She seems the non-typical anime female lead; she’s petite, non-revealing, not leggy, but still manages to maintain those big bubbly brown eyes. I like her character a lot.

Like most storylines, for every cutie on-screen, there has to be a charming dude. Enter Takizawa Akira. He remembers neither his past nor identity, and sets out to find out who he is. A chance meeting brings him to meet Morimi (aka Saki-Chan, as her friends fondly refer her as) outside the residence of Barack Obama (yup, the White House) and they soon begin his journey of self-discovery, literally speaking.

Early in the series, we are introduced to Takizawa’s super-phone. This ain’t no phone you can get from the store. Only the ‘Selecao’ (12 selected individuals to save Japan) are given this phone. Apart from its futuristic design, one phone call to the central receptionist, Juiz, is all it takes to make ‘magic’ happen. From buying a piece of gum, to getting the Prime Minister say something stupid in the Parliament, to gunning down your creditors or causing a traffic accident. Wow, I want a phone like that (get cracking, Nokia researchers).

- The Prime Minister receives orders to say something stupid on live TV -

Another break-through-product in the series is the ‘Eden’ program which allows members to post notes to help others identify certain items. This program makes its appearance midway in the series and that’s why I mentioned I only figured out the relevance of the title halfway throughout the series. I wish I had access to such a program so I’ll never have to say to myself, ‘Hmmm, this dude looks familiar, where did I see him before?’

I really enjoyed sitting through all 11 episodes with some exceptions. In the first episode, everybody in the US of A seems to understand Takizawa despite him conversing with them in Japanese.

Secondly, it seems ridiculous for a wealthy eccentric, Mr. Outside (aka Ato Saizo) to give away 120 billion YEN, especially to unknowns (from a crooked cop to the President of a conglomerate) to save Japan. The selection process and criteria for the Selecao is unclear and its frustrating as we are left without a face to the name, leaving Takizawa unable to fulfil his desire to kick his @$$. Although it is revealed that Mr. Outside may already be dead, for all we know.

Some of the ‘magic’ conjured by the phone is just plain impossible in the real world. In one of the scenes, Takizawa encounters another Selecao; who in her attempt to escape, grows instant wings and glides away from the penthouse of a hotel. As each request is recorded and charged, Juiz labels the request as ‘purchase for special effects equipment.’ It was also in this scene that I spotted an inconsistency. Morimi’s phone was apparently still connected to Takizawa’s although he made a call to Juiz in between.

- Women can do crazy things, as the Johnny Hunter demonstrates how to snip off a d*ck -

There was a scene when a kidnapped victim of urban legend Johnny Hunter (Selecao IV) is able to post entries onto a website with his phone while he is strapped to a chair. Note how he was able to snap pictures and type messages with his hands to his back. Simply amazing.

Despite all the money invested into the technology, it was mentioned that these super-phones can only be activated by the intended user through a series of identification processes. But IT guru, Panties, manages to bypass the identification redtape with a few clicks.

Lastly, how in the world can Morimi eavesdrop through the phone to a conversation between Takizawa and Selecao-1 despite the noise generated by the blades of a helicopter? Beats me.

- The love triangle between the them and Ohsugi is fun to watch -

I must say this series features a fine balance between adventure and humour with Ohsugi and Panties providing the laughs. Takizawa’s response to most matters catches me off-guard and never fails to makes me laugh.

A slow start, a clever build-up but a let-down ending. Or should I say an explosive ending, literally speaking, as shown in the accompanying image.

Eden of the East
Rating: 4-Stars
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  1. I didn't find the ending a let down, it did leave some things to be deserved, but cos there are movies being released later on, I'll forgive it. Movies! :woop:

  2. Yea.. i can't wait for the movie too.. hope that more would be revealed then..


  3. hahahahahahahah yea, the Johnny Cutter was a mess! LOL But I do love this series. Looking forward to the movies!