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Mikuriya Jin makes a woodcarving from the remains of a guardian tree, but he gets much more than he bargained for when girl materializes from the statue! Her name is Nagi, the troublesome and at times violent deity of the land; and with nowhere to go, she announces that she will stay with Jin. Now, with Jin’s help and a magical girl wand purchased at the local convenience store, Nagi aims to exorcise the impurities that are infecting the land. Though when the sacred tree is finally uprooted, it is only a matter of time before her powers will diminish; thus, a new object of worship is required, and what better object than Nagi herself! However, obtaining your goal of becoming a popular idol is not so straightforward, especially when you have to compete with your sister, who is unwilling to share her fan base and plans to sabotage you at every step! Source:


I LOVE KANNAGI! (as an anime, please!)
First off, I applaud Mikuriya Kin’s attempt to resist all temptations. Immediately from the start you get the impression that Kannagi is a really funny anime, enjoyable to the very last second. And you are right, first episode alone and I was bursting with laughter. But when watching Kannagi, you won’t be able to shake the feeling that it’s got a serious face to it. Individually each episode seemed to stand out from each other. Very nice! Where as when viewing other animes, I wouldn’t even be bothered what happened in which episode. Every episode is worth savoring!

Well done opening theme, call me a retard but it actually got me singing to it. That alone says so much already. Ending theme sounded like a lullaby, very sweet and relaxing. Both themes were perfect for Kannagi. Even a noobie otaku like me can feel that the vocals of characters in this series were all heart. Opening and closing theme was Hade ni ne and Musuhi no Toki by Haruka Tomatsu. You can get the opening and closing theme and MV from CrunchyRoll.

Lively colors and good comedy really makes Kannagi a sure hit. Using clear solid colors and hard lines, a proven animation style, making animation wise seem flawless. Daze! Sigh! The overflowing sweetness. Three cheers for non-oversized boobs! Hip! Hip! Hurray! Only Nagi’s cuteness itself was already too much to bear.

In episode 5, Zange had a rather awkward looking figure, slightly deformed. I assume it was not something the studio missed by accident because the funny figure appeared again in later episodes.
Episode 7 felt like a possible filler at first, only to have been building up the surprise which made me burst into laughter of tears. Lol! I still laugh thinking of it.
By episode 11, the pace changes and starts to stir up emotions inside you. Get some tissues ready and for the vulgar ones, make sure to close the door. The last 3 episodes helps Kannagi transform from more of a slapstick comedy anime to being a beautiful romance.
It is my great pleasure to tell you to prepare yourself for a beautiful ending which will probably require more tissues. Not being able to hear Shino’s karaoke still bugs me. Lol!
Taking the whole series into account, everything is just perfect! The contributions of all characters were deeply felt and no particular character was outcast.

The keyword to this Kannagi series would be enjoyable. It will be hard to find an anime out there which is able to give viewing pleasure as entertaining as this. Kannagi will definitely be one of the animes deemed unforgettable by fans indeed.

Rating: 5-Stars
Torrents: SHiN-gx_Genjo

Off topic: Nagi was so lovely that my PC couldn’t take it, I was actually shown the BSoD for the first time since I’ve been using this PC. And I’ve been using this PC for a long time. Lol!

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