Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Marie & Gali

Marika moves to a town and finds that all the neighbors are famous scientists. Galileo Galilei is living next door, Isaac Newton is working in a grocery store, and John Ambrose Fleming is doing a part-time job at an electronic store. They teach Marika science comically with jokes, dances and music. For example, "Fleming's left hand rule" will be taught with a hip-hop song "Love Coil" sung by Fleming himself. Source:


Most will be surprised when I say this, but Marie & Gali is actually not a bad anime. What felt good about this title was the way they talked. During the first 2 episodes, every sentence was short and direct and I could really learn some Japanese as simple as it may be. Not only that I actually find the animation acceptable, “Flash”y or not. I guess I just really dig animes with bright and solid colors. And don’t forget the educational factor, as viewers will learn about (from the first 2 episodes) gravitational force, Leonardo da Vinci, Newton and many more from later episodes I’m sure.


Marie & Gali
Comments: Gonna give this anime a pass, story wise ain't really my cup of tea.

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