Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wangan Midnight - Ep 21-23

Just as expected, I really shouldn’t review an anime until I finish the whole series. These three episodes was on a whole new level.
Eiji reconsiders his life as a racer or something else, clearing his doubts and finally having no regrets anymore. Eiji really shows that Wangan Midnight can actually bring depth to their characters rather than being just a blunt anime about cars, speed and who the fastest is.
Akio gets another reality check of his devoted Z after a race with BlackBird and Eiji’s Evo. And later seeks out Rikako, a newly introduced tuner character in the anime, to take his Z to even greater heights.
There isn’t anything much on Blackbird this few episodes except that he now knows what it feels like to drive with instincts rather than logic a.k.a. Akio style.
And FINALLY! Reina admitted that she does have a thing towards Akio, but it’s not like nobody suspected it. At least viewers can finally confirm it from her... in an indirect sort of way... I guess.
Putting all these together, this 3 episodes or rather the Eiji story arch is definitely the peak of the series so far. Let’s hope the performance will last till the final few episodes. For once the spotlight was not focused on the Z or Blackbird or their drivers.
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