Friday, February 20, 2009

The Prince of Tennis: National Finals

After months of harsh matches, gruelling training, and numerous injuries, the Seigaku regulars have fought their way to the finals of the National Tournament. Just one step away from victory, all they need to do now is beat their final opponents; however it won’t be easy. Their final opponents are none other than Rikkaidai - the team they fought against in the final of the Kantou Regional Tournament, and the last two years National Tournament winners! With Rikkaidai seeking vengeance for their previous defeat, and national glory at stake, Seigaku must stay strong if they want to win. However, the team suffers a devastating blow when Echizen loses his memory. Now that the odds are stacked against them, could this put an end to Seigaku’s championship dreams? Source:


A friend recommended that I take a look at The Prince of Tennis series. Coincidentally, episode 1 of the Final Tournament was just up for grabs, so grab I did. Now after watching the full 6 episodes, I have to admit that it was rather fun.

I’m not sure how the original Prince of Tennis series go, but from the National Tournament Final OVA, it seems to me that this anime is all about tennis. Maybe the original series had a little romance or brotherly love here and there as hinted in this OVA (when they recapped their past) but that’s it. This series is again I say, strictly tennis. So if you have a certain loathsome feeling for the sport, you probably shouldn’t be downloading this in the first place.

As you would expect from a sports themed anime, there are plenty of special moves, from 2xxkm/h speed balls, to lightning strikes, aura fireballs, etc. Just try thinking Eyeshield 21 but with more stunts. The final and winning move by Echizen is a little too far fetched for me but hey?! It’s an anime. Lol!

It might be a little too late for wishful thinking now but I do hoe there will be newer seasons of The Prince of Tennis. Unfortunately, I do not find this a “must watch” anime. Probably because I didn’t watch the original series? So it will have to settle for a fat 4-Stars.

The Prince Of Tennis: National Finals
Rating: 4-Stars
Torrents: 1-2 3-6

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