Sunday, January 4, 2009

Strike Witches TV

Beep! Beep! Ecchi Alert! Ecchi Alert! Lol!


Mysterious alien entities suddenly started appearing all over the world. These aliens destroyed major cities throughout the world. And the only weapon which is able to damage these aliens are by means of harnessing magical powers which females’ possesses. They are called Witches. These witches wear a battle armour over their leg which harness their magic and allows them to fly. Viewers probably won’t wonder about it at first. But after a while the question might just pop in your head. Why do they have to be so “bare” at the leg? Well, the “unofficial” reply is that the battle armour requires maximum skin contact to maximize the magic transferred. Lol! I know it’s illogical, but Hey! it’s an anime.


Drawings are soft. Colors are rather bland. Characters are colored a little too pale, too simple. Where characters lacks visually, they made up for it in the story. Each character is given one or two episodes telling their history. Which I think helped avoid the characters feeling too shallow. Unfortunately, only having 12 episodes and the lack of in-depth story telling will deter quite a lot of anime fans I’m sure. Sound wise would be pretty average.


Ok, I will rate it a 4-Star. Why so high you ask? Cause it just does what I believe the anime was meant to do. And that is to let the viewers kick back, relax and enjoy the anime. Rather than have viewers sit on the edge of the seat getting all pumped up. Viewers enjoy the anime while feeling a certain kind of bliss. No overcomplicated storyline with hidden agenda’s one after another, maybe a little loophole here or there in the script. No constant banging of gunshots. Screaming of battle cries, etc. Just random chatter of sweet little voices and a little action every now and then. And just to clear something, I am NOT a loli fan. Lol! I also have nothing against it.

Strike Witches TV
Rating: 4-Stars
Images contributed by NightStalker (who also provided some feedback regarding the anime. Thanks!)
Torrents: Strike-Subs

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