Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Comedy Showdown: Detroit Metal City VS Astro Fighter Sunred

Today, I'm gonna let you readers have a special treat. We are gonna have a Comedy Showdown today!

On one corner! We have Detroit Metal City!

We'll be using DMC instead of Detroit Metal City for the rest of the article.

On the right hand corner instead, we have Astro Fighter Sunred!

AFS for Astro Fighter Sunred. Duh! :p

Before we start it off, I would like to highlight that there hasn't been much new comedy animes going around lately. I hope that this will improve in the near future, as anime studios begin to realise the vast potential for comedys. Now back to the showdown!

Round 1 Fight-O!
Graphics wise, both DMC and AFS offers a very different style to viewers.
DMC's drawings are soft and simple, quite bland and are way down below average in my books. Color too doesn't really leave me much to comment on. Same unenthusiastic story as the drawings.

Whereas AFS offers a thick and jagged drawing style instead. Something rather fresh I must say. With a vast selection of color used in the anime, viewers get to appreciate the flair AFS is trying to provide with it's visuals.

Viewers, depending on the styles they prefer, may have different opinion on this. But for me the winner of this round is clear. Astro Fighter Sunred has definitely better the competitor in terms of both drawing and coloring.

Round 2 Fight-O!
Astro Fighter Sunred portraits a typical story of good vs bad with a synical twist. The good featuring a superhero called Sunred, and the bad consisting of an organisation called Florsheim bent on taking over the world. Well, the twist is this, Sunred, althought being a "superhero" is quite the slacker. Being rude, cruel, and every bad attribute a guy could have (although he does show love and affectionate for his girlfriend). And Florsheim, being an "evil" organisation, has some of the sweetest monsters you will ever find. Being polite, thoughtful and kind. A messed up fight between Good and Evil. Lol!

Detroit Metal City tells the story of Negishi. A guy who left his village for the city hoping to make it big as a pop singer. However, due to circumstances, he ended up being in a heavy metal band called Detroit Metal City. Surprisingly, Detroit Metal City became rather famous. And now, Negishi faces the difficulty to manage between his own personality (sweet, gentle and kind) and the alter-ego called Krauser, the lead singer of the heavy metal band (violent, evil, demonic).

Both AFC and DMC has it's own storyline to follow, can't really compare it head to head here. Let's just call it a draw round!

Round 3 Fight-O!
Now which anime would bring out the better laugh?! Since this is a comedy showdown after all. Round 3 compares the content nature of both animes.

While DMC is full of rather inappropriate words and language used (think vulgar, think aggresive) it has succeeded in making the anime more enjoyable and funny instead of being violent. Parents might want to keep their kids away from DMC, but I'm positive parents themselves will enjoy DMC very much. If anyone manage to find DMC totally dull, that someone definitely need to loosen up a little. Lol!

The comedy lines used in AFS series fails to entertain the viewers. Althought not entirely nonsense, the script seems to be drafted up rather forcefully. From watching 11 episodes of AFS, I only managed to laughed once. Now don't that tell you something?

And somewhere along the way. AFS manages to hand out cooking lessons. Lol! (This makes me think AFS was targeted for a different audience base, but what the heck! Since I have no other comedy anime around to have a showdown with! Lol!)

Winner of this round! Definitely Detroit Metal City hands down!

Just for readers to take note. I can't really explain how an anime is funny here right? So what I recommend is that maybe you download 2 or more (recommend 3 at least to get the feel of the anime) episodes of each series to check it out. But then again, the whole reason you are reading this article is probably to save you those precious bandwidth right? Lol! I love contradicting myself.

Round 4 Fight-O!
Now there something going on with the vocals of Astro Fighter Sunred. Although there is nothing outstanding, I can't help but be rather comfortable with the way each character's vocal sounding unexpectedly convincing. Not bad! Not bad at all!

Sounds from Detroit Metal City is rather repetitive. Circling around the same songs over and over again. Vocals are well-matched though. Bringing the innocence whenever required and violence whenever needed! (Whenever the main character is transforming between his innocent self and his heavy metal character) Also above average in my books.

For this round, Astro FIghter Sunred is the obvious choice. Changing themes every now and then. Being able to feel the vocals played whole-heartedly gives the viewers hope that this anime isn't all bad.

At the end of the day, I would still prefer Detroit Metal City over Astro Fighter Sunred. Solely on the fact that every episode of DMC has been able to make me laugh. And although AFS had vivid and lively visuals and sound, it failed to make the anime enjoyable, making me break a sweat trying to even smirk. Not achieving what a comedy anime is suppose to do in the first place.

Winner of the Comedy Showdown: Detroit Metal City with a 4-Stars rating!
As for Astro Fighter Sunred, a well deserved 2-Stars.

Winners gets more images! Lol!
Detroit Metal City.

Detroit Metal City
Rating: 4-Stars
Torrents: Huzzah & Scum-Scans

Astro Fighter Sunred
Rating: 2-Stars
Torrents: Anbu

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