Monday, October 5, 2009

Negima Ala Alba

After the exhilarating school life, Negi Springfield has finally decided to form his own combat team under the disguise of a normal school club; so called the Ala Alba or White Wing. Supported by his classmates and advised by Evangeline A.K. McDowell, this team was aim to embark into the Magus world in search of Negi's father, Nagi Springfield...or anything that may relate to him.

Negima Ala Alba was the whooole reason I bought and watched Negima! and the remake Negima!? Not forgetting the OVA’s in between. Episode 1 of NAA was so good. Started off with a bang! A magic fight between teacher and student. Followed by a big of comedy, a bit of Moe, abit of friendship. Clinging on to the satisfaction, I stopped at episode 1, determined to watched the series beforehand.
Fast forward a few months later, I’m back to Negima Ala Alba, having watched all the previously mentioned. Damn! I got fooled by episode 1 of NAA> Lol!

Episode 1 was great. No mistakes there. Although a little confusing to those unfamiliar with the original Negima series or manga, it feels like gold to Negi fans (like me :p). episode 2 and 3 however, will be harder to digest. Ep 2 is mainly fanservice, with beach, swimsuits and Onsens. And episode 3 plays random scenes of the students. I know this sounds retarded but NAA was exploring characters in Ep3, the last episode of this short series. Now why would you do that? Unless there is a new series coming up (There IS a movie coming up by the way!). Bottom line, none-Negima fans will find this series filler-like. Which it is, but at least those who previously watched it will be able to understand and relate to the fillers. Then again, it was probably meant to be extra’s for the main series and was not made with the priority to attract new fans.

Negima Ala Alba
Rating: 3-Stars
Torrents: Aquastar-Animes

Hey Cid-Evil, I was wondering. Does this OVA relate back to the manga? Cause I’m lost as to where this OVA belongs in the timeline… even after watching the previous seasons and other OVA’s. -.-"

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