Saturday, October 10, 2009

MS Igloo 2

Each episode of MS Igloo 2 tells a story of a different soldier. How they were affected by the war. And how they were all "watched over" by the Shinigami of Zeon ("Grim Reaper" or "Death Gods" for you Bleach fans :p).
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I have officially found the 2nd scariest character ever in my whole anime/cartoon watching timespan! The Zeon Shinigami sends a chill down my spine everything she pops out. Starts floating around and spout her stuff. Those freaky eyes and spooky mascara. Bbrrrr!!!!

I don't know if this qualifies as an anime. It's fully CG after all. Provided you are not obsesed with how the faces of the characters look (a little too blocky to feel real), you'll enjoy the show just fine. Don't expect big eyes, solid and single-colored hair, big boobs, etc. etc. Hmm... MS Igloo 2 was a welcomed watch indeed! Too much fanservice in my recent animes.

Anyway... This show rocks! HARD! The animation, sound, story. Top Notch! Every scene felt like a wallpaper in the making. The colors were shere artistry. And for 30 minutes each episode, it still manage to bring just enough depth to the characters. Enough to tease you when it ended like it did. Then after enjoying the whole episode without blinking an eye, the ending song comes on, and despair drowns you as you feel a sudden loss, not wanting the anime to ever end.

Shit! Some episodes even explored 2 characters, and STILL manage to get me to feel attached, in less than 30 mins! Needless to say, Gundam fans cannot afford to miss this. It has Odessa!

One thing though, episode 2 and 3... Rather predictable. -.-"

Mr. Lonely Heart by Haruno Yokota
(For this Youtube video you migth have to crank your volumn up a little. It's very soft, but the sound quality is better than the others. Just remember to turn it back down after you finish the video. This is a a friendly service reminder brought to you by Anime3R. -.-")

And yes, the lady in the video is the Zeon Shinigami which scares the creep out of me.

If the pictures here doesn't make you feel like watching MS Igloo 2, I don't know what will.

MS Igloo 2
Rating: 5-Stars
Torrents: gg


  1. Whoa, this looks really good. The lady in the video look really cute. ^ ^ I kind of like those types.

  2. Lol. Could this possibly be a hint of your preference towards Tsundere characters? Or gothic-like females?

    Hmm... Now that I think of it; And I hope you don't mind me asking, but you are a guy right?

    Feel free to ignore my question, curiosity just got the better of me. -.-"

  3. Ms igloo.. they had a really nice graphic seriously ^^ u should also watch MS igloo 1 ^^ it's the red zion side ^^ can also see ms zudah ^^ one of my fav ms on igloo ^^ quite awesome ^^

  4. Oh wow... I didn't know that this series was that intense! Would always see it, and overpass it. o.o

    Thanks Blur... now I gotta download! =)

  5. @blur: Haha yea I like tsunderes and gothic stuff.
    Anyway, I am indeed a guy. Thought that would be somewhat obvious. ^ ^

  6. @Razrig
    Am getting it now!

    Lol. Go Get em tiger!

    Just needed to clear some doubts. I'm guess I'm a tsundere fan too...

    Erm.. actually I'm a fan of everything. Lol!

  7. this cg looks awesome! I gotta check this out

  8. @Cid
    Yeap. Bombastic CG's! and Good Story-telling too!