Monday, October 5, 2009

Cobra The Animation: Time Drive

Cobra's beloved cyborg companion, Armaroid Lady, is fading away and nobody knows why. To find out how to save her, he journeys to the Spring of Time, where he can dive into time itself and see events long gone. While swimming through Lady's past, he accidentally gets caught in a vortex and finds himself transported back in time. Once there, he encounters the beautiful princess Emeralda of the Sanborn duchy - the very woman he loved and who will become Armaroid Lady. Now Cobra must confront not only Emeralda's political enemies, Lord Gilos and his murderous bodyguard Manidou, but the ghosts of the past as well, all the while desperately hoping to discover what is making Lady's future existence disappear.
Source: Anime-Planet

If you have watched or is well acquainted with previous Cobra Series, you’d probably know what Cobra is all about. An infamous pirate, traveling around seeking adventures and treasures, and babes :p
Always featuring the same animation style, equal in quality as before with thick outlines and large variety of colors. And its strongest aspect, creative imagination which in Time Drive still will not lose out to other similar genre titles.

I found Time Drive more interesting in that it tells the history of Cobra and Lady. And how they got together. Seeing how I like (not a big fan, but still enjoy) Cobra as a character, the story was naturally something that would captivate me. Sure it’s the similar one-guy-against-evil-king standard plot, but with all the twists and plots included, the story really did felt unique. Also to take note that by now I no longer put graphics/animation at such a high priority as before. Time Drive was surprisingly satisfying for a Cobra series this time around. Going to give it a 3-almost-made-it-to-4-Stars.

Cobra The Animation: Time Drive
Rating: 3-Stars
Torrents: Ep1 by Shinnew Ep2 by Shinnew

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