Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ceui: Introduction

For this and the upcoming 2 posts, I am going to introduce Ceui to you guys and hopefully get you guys to check out her songs. Most of my fellow bloggers don't know this, but I've been getting more and more hooked on Ceui's songs since listening to Espacio from Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo. For now, I'm not going to go into her songs. Just a brief profile on who she is and her songs.

pronounced as [Sei]. Derived from the Purtugese word for Sky, ceu.

January 31st


Blood Type

The Secret Garden
Kiki's Delivery Service

Rain, Waves, Silence of the morning when the snow falls, Harp, Piano, Violin, Cello, etc...

Le Petit Prince
Ten nights of Dreams
Saintly Family
Fantasy Railroad in the Stars
Noiseless Crystal
(Can someone help me clarify on this, really doubting here!)

Strawberry Shortcake

Writing fairy tales

To look at the ocean while sitting on a roof
To take a stroll during snowfall

Looks Up To
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Yoko Kanno
Joe Hisaishi

Ceui was born in Chiba, Japan, though she grew up in Fukuoka. Due to the influence of her mother as a piano teacher, Ceui began learning classical piano from the age of six. As a young girl, she became interested in children's literature and poetry, and began writing verses herself. As a student, she was a member of the wind instrument club and choir. She went to Shirayuri Women's University where she graduated with a degree in Japanese literature.

When she entered high school, she wished to enter the light music club. Unfortunately, there was no Light Music club so she enrolled in the Choir club (Soprano) instead. Upon entering college, she entered a circle of light music, a band started, sang and performed a variety of cover songs. And finally started to compose music, and aspired to become a singer.

In 2000, Ceui made a demo tape and was able to produce two six-track albums for the Japanese home furnishing store Francfranc entitled Spring Time and Autumn Mind; the albums were released via Filter Ink. Officially, these albums were released as "Francfranc's Bedside Music Selection featuring Ceui". In 2002, Ceui worked on a project CD with the Japanese apparel company Sanei-International for their clothing brand LUVLISH 'cos brilliant. In 2003, Ceui went on an overseas live tour with other artists sponsored by Filter Ink. On October 21, 2004, Ceui released an independent album titled Ashimoto ni Furu Ame: Raindrops falling on My Feet, which was sold in HMV stores nationwide in Japan. The same day, a project CD Ceui had worked on for the Japanese fortune teller Kaoruko Stella entitled Love Chance Music also went on sale. In 2006, Ceui provided a chorus to the blind Japanese pianist Kohshi Kishita.

Ceui made her major debut on Lantis' MellowHead music label brand with the release of her first single "Madoromi no Rakuen" in February 2007. Ceui would release one more single in 2007, "Mellow Melody", followed by another in 2008, "Kamigami no Uta". Ceui released five more singles in 2009, as well as her debut album Glassy Heaven in July 2009.

Ceui's Official Site
Ceui's Blog

I'd like to mention that I welcome any corrections. I compiled some information from her blog which I've gotten after trasnlating it through online translators. As such, I worry about the interpretation. Thanks in advance!

Espacio by Ceui
Second Ending theme for Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo. Crank up the volumn and pay close attention to how Ceui's vocals and the piano comes together. Just beautiful!

If you felt something listening to this song, do check in for the next post. More songs and impression.
If you didn't, check in also, because we all know Anime3R rox! :p


  1. I couldn't remember Kiki's Delivery Service's song =\

  2. Lol. Ceui didn't sing in Kiki's Delivery Song. Instead, Kiki's was one of her favorite shows.

  3. She has really good voice and could really hit those high notes. ^ ^ I like her music.

  4. Eh, she's alright; doesn't really fit my tastes though.

    She does get bonus points however for doing a song for a mecha show. Especially one with as awesome a character as Leopard.

  5. @Yi
    Yup! ^^D
    Actually am going to talk about it in my next post. Lol!

    Lol. U reminded me of how I once thought of cosplaying Leopard. -.-"

  6. I like most of her songs like Centifolia, Mellow Melody, Hikari to Yami to Toki no Hate anf of course Espacio!!