Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Failing as a Fan

As you would pretty much guess by my crazy amount of posts this past 3 days, I was bored. Wanting to fully rest for this 3 days of holiday, I rejected all invitations to go hang out with friends a.k.a. Hikkimori Mode-O.
Among dwelling in animes, I also started to enter the mindset of a Vocaloid fan. Surfing around vocaloid resources one after another.

Biggest news to me...
Did you know that Hatsune Miku had a "Live" concert to commemorate her 2nd anniversary not long ago? Called the MikuFes09 (I think -.-")

What was your first reaction to this video? I laughed... -.-"
At the sight of people cheering Miku on when she was just a hologram (or something). I mean they do realise that she's not real right? And THAT is where I fail as a fan.

A real fan would go "Damn! I want to watch it live! Wish I was there! Sigh..."
Click on the Youtube vid to get more videos from that concert.

Not so big... :p
- A weekly countdown of Vocaloid Music... with downloads!
- Vocaloid Cosplayers in the desert... Superb cosplaying and beautiful pictures
- Megurine Luka Album. "Because Luka needs love too" - uta_hime
- Hatsune Miku's albums Impact and Memories

A little off topic: I hate sites which does not provide English options. I could have been your biggest lurker! But guess non Japanese reading lurkers are not welcomed.. Pfft!

Credits to Jane Doe

With this post, I'm gonna take a backseat from posting for now. Lol! My eyes deserves more rest than I allow it to.
*Hikkimori Mode-O Off!*
*LurkeR Mode-O PowAh Up!*


  1. I'm one of the guys who went, "Man I wish I was there."

    I mean, come on. Miku may be digital, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be awesome to see her on stage with a live band backing her and surrounded by hundreds of other fans.

    Also don't blame the sites for not having English options. They're targeted at Japanese audiences after all, and translating site content ain't easy.

  2. I'm not saying it isn't cool. :)
    It's just that my instant reaction was a laugh and why I laughed. Although I see myself cheering too if I was there, but I don't see myself going. Unless it was free. :p And near my place.... And a group of friends were going with me... And I got front row seats too. Lol!

    That's why I'd fail as a fan. I wouldn't make too much of an effort to get there. -.-"

    As for the Eng/Jap sites. No worries. I'm just doing random venting. Lol!

  3. i WOULD LIKE to go there~~~~....

  4. MikuFes 09 D: not really a huge fans of miku (but i do like miku and luka's cuteness). but i'm amazed by the amount of fans than miku herself.

    congrats on new skin ;). it looks good.

  5. If people were cheering an hologram, imagine if Miku were real.

  6. I would be one of the fans there saying "WHERE DA FUCK ARE THE SUB's?!" and probably leave

  7. If I were to go to a concert, I expect to see real people, so I guess I fail as a fan too.

  8. @raz
    Lol. Die hard Miku as always.. :)

    Hey man! Welcome back! Been a loooong time since your last post. Was wondering what happened. :p

    The chaos would be one a grand scale. -.-"

    @Cid Evil
    Lol. Funny shit... Didn't think of that. Could have had subs below Miku in the hologram.

    Welcome to the club. ;p
    Although, I'm not much of a concert guy initially. Lol!