Wednesday, August 19, 2009

G.A.C.C. Post #2

Gotto show the MC's some love! :p

For this post, read about how I crown myself the biggest loser this side of earth. And a little on G.A.C.C. of course. :p

For now, let's get things heated up with a whole lot of Rock! Featuring the Zeolite's...
By the way, forgot to mention in the previous post. Zeolite can be found at Zeolite@Spirit of Music. Thankfully I asked about some info instead of thinking I'd just google it or something later. Cause Google sure didn't help with the search. :p

*Must watch video 2 to get a feel of how big of a loser I am*

And with the abrupt end of the 2nd video. YES! I FARKING RAN OUT OF BATTERY! On day 1 of G.A.C.C. Just 3 hours after the event started.
What? That doesn't make me a loser yet? Ok... What if I tell you I didn't bother to bring the battery charger! WHoop! Does that make me a loser yet!

Well, I don't know about you, but I freaking hated myself. I hereby declare to all in the blogosphere, I shall now be known as the dumb blogger who didn't bother to prepare his camera for an outstationed 2 day event. Or you can just call me a FuckTard. *For the clueless ones, that means a farking retard.

Argh... Got over the rage by the end of Day 2, but blogging about it now just makes my blood boil again. I missed so many great cosplays.

*Takes a long break to cool down*
*Watched Asura Crying no 5 to cool down a bit*

Thought of some things I want to talk about. As a little note for convention go-ers.
1) Try to control your spending. Get a hold of your urges. I bought animes, doujin works, figures, and before I knew it, almost ran out of cash to pay for the apartment rental. Yeah, I heard of cash withdrawal machines and credit cards. But my point is about the spending, not cash in hand.

2) Do not get carried away. Lol! I saw one guy went absolutely nuts. He was practically high... from watching cosplayers do the caramel dance or something. I was sitting behind him and heard some of the conversation between him and a Rei Ayanami cosplayer beside him.

Started off looking and smiling at Miss Rei-of-the-day beside him, then when he tried to start a conversation. The cosplayer replied, smiled and moved a seat away from him (if I'm not mistaken :p). So what does he do next? He tries to start a conversation again... Just much louder. Lol! At this point, I thought of putting in a move to stop this, probably asking the cosplayer if she would like to take a picture so she could use this as an excuse to move away or something. But then the stage performance started and I thought maybe that guy will quiet down now. The guy spraying saliva all over when he talked also kinda deterred me from helping out. Lol! Just a little... -.-"

Then the funniest shit happened. A few cosplayers gathered on stage, and started dancing. Being not sure of the song, the guy turned to Miss Rei and asked her what song it was. She couldn’t hear what he was saying as we were sitting extremely close to the stage and speakers. She shook her head as a response telling him that she couldn’t hear him. So that guy gets up, closes in on her, and SHOUTS his question into her ear!!

WTF?! *Smacks my forehead and thinks that there will be one less cosplayer from now on

I applaud her, as she actually replied him nicely but turned her back to him after that. Lol!. And that's when all hell broke loose. He got high.. I mean really high. Jumping, swinging his arms and all that and took of his shirt...

Nah... Just Joking... Lol! Just thought it would sound juicier if I exagerated a little. But he was really at it! And by the end of the song. He called out to Miss Rei, with a palm in the air. Miss Rei looked at him, thought "WTF?" and just gave a blank looked. He then said "Hi-Five! Hi-Five!" And she actually did. Hat's off to her for her patience. Lol! I would have laughed my ass off if not for the fear of opening my mouth with all the guy's saliva shooting about. But it was an enjoyable performance none the less. Tsssk... Memories fails me when I try to recall the song, but most probably would have been during the Caramel Dance performance.

Hmm... I sound like I'm bitching about someone. Well, I'm just trying to point out what happens when you do get carried away. LoL! Miss Rei or Saliva guy, feel free to drop me a comment if I am mistaken about this. Would love to get rid of the possibility of shame I will have for myself if I am ever put into the same group as Saliva-san.

3) How dumb can you get to ask strangers to look after your bag of camera accessories while you happily run off to snap cosplayers pictures? -.-" Words fail me... As if getting replied with the stranger's "WTF?!" face wasn't an obvious enough sign. The stranger then later just asked his wife not to touch the bag and left on his own.

4) Learning my lessons from Daicon a while back, I really tried to stick to my resolution of asking permission before taking photographs of cosplayers. Unfortunately, I couldn't resist it. Sometimes, you get nice poses like the one below from when they are not posing for you. The certain angle a look brings when it's not facing directly at you or when the eyes are not looking at you. It just oozes style all over!

So I'm just appealing to the cosplayers not to hate the photographers. Or particularly... me... :p

5) Lastly as per above, bring your damn battery charger. Or spare battery or any farking accessory which will last you 2 days. Seeing me listing out and bitching about so many non-anime or cosplay related incidents already prove how shitty of a day I had without my camera. I had to entertain myself laughing at other people's stupidity. I could have entertain myself looking at other cosplayers too, but that would just fuel my rage not being able to take any pictures.

Guess what, I'm yet gonna do another post of G.A.C.C. tomorrow. Mainly cause I don't want to overpack one post with too many photos. Don't want to be caught with Bandwidth Killing on the first degree no more. So I'm splitting up my photos to 2 posts. Or more. :p

2ndly, I'm going to milk the hell out of the photo's I got from my first 3 hours of photoshoots. Just cause I can!
Venting anger on my battery fiasco.

Very matching cosplayers! Love the combination!

Loved the performance put on by the MC's and all the other cosplayers. Would have been totally different without the hilarious MC's. Gotto show them more love ya hear! :p

Sorry for the blur picture.. -.-" Shaking knees I think. Put it up anyway in case you wanted it, Cosplayer-san.

This guy's Lubu cosplay RoXx! (which was on day 2 which means I don't have the picture. -.-")

Miss Yuki was crowded by other photographers. Lucky I got some shots beforehand.

The Gunpla seriously needed more love guys. Only 5 contestants? Wtf?!

For those I didn't comment on, you guys also had great cosplays! I'm just refraining from naming your characters in worry of making embarassing mistakes. So looking forward to cosplaying thanks to you guys!

After checking out these photo's, I finally understand what Razrig meant when he said "It would be a better picture when the cosplayer is looking at you". If you noticed in most of the photos, the cosplayers eyes showed intensity, kawaii, and other feelings. It's like the eyes alone helped expressed how the character is suppose to be like. Coolness! :p

And to end the post for today...

Thanks for letting take some shots!

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  1. which figures?!

    and still no bleach cosplayer...

  2. u got really nice yuki shoot ^^ mine were fail T___T ...

    yeah it's nice when the cosplayer look at you went taking a pic ^^ but i also didnt manage to get the eye contact in haft of my pic T___T nyoro.....

    and also i think i also went high on GACC... huhu

  3. Lol... I love that bit about you forgetting to bring your battery chargor...

    Chillax bud.. I am sure there are more cosplays around.