Thursday, August 20, 2009

Music: Chrno Crusade - Sayonara Solitaire

It's been a looong time since I did a music post and I'm lazy to come up with a long post today. So here's one now. Till today, I'm sure that I will get a positive feedback whenever I mention Chrno Crusade.

Warmed up your heart yet?
Yes? Then move on to the next video...

Gave me watery eyes watching this scene again. Beautiful music..
Sayonara Solitaire by Saeko Chiba


  1. aww, now you got me all teary eyed..

  2. Hmm, nice tune, but not hotblooded enough.

  3. @Anon
    Hmm.. I'm wondering if that was suppose to be a sarcastic reply.

    But that was pretty much the whole idea. :p To get readers teary eyes I mean.

    Hotblooded as in... Passionate?

  4. If nothing else, I can say that this version sounds a lot better than HIMEKA's version :p