Friday, June 19, 2009

Vampire Knight Guilty

This is the 2nd season of Vampire Knight, called Vampire Knight Guilty. In this series, Yuuki starts to search for the past forgotten memories. And with it many other secrets starts to unravel itself. Yuki, Kaname and Zero each faces their own turmoils and decides to put an end to all their conflicts.
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I started Vampire Knight Guilty expecting to drop and delete. “Will probably last me about 3 episodes before I get bored” was what I thought. Instead, the first episode really sparked up a curiosity which could only be satisfied by watching the next episode. And the same thing repeats the episode after that. Before I knew it, I was halfway through the series in a single night. Although not watching the first season, Vampire Knight, I could sketch up a rough storyline from the recaps appearing in season 2 every now and then. And the story was simple enough for me to catch on to, even with all the underlying plots. Surprisingly enough, there was more to this anime than the surface of just good looking characters and a typical vampire theme. Definitely more than enough to enjoy the series.

One point to consider is that viewers shouldn’t be expecting any character build-up in season 2. Instead, it gets straight down to business and start laying plots after plots. So in assuming that season 1 had explored all the character sufficiently, it isn’t too bad of a thing. It was fine with me as I was dreading any long self-conflicting “I-want-you-but-I-can’t-have-you” scenes. Although season 2 had those too, it still managed to stay out of boredom city with good moderation by including some juicy plots or an exciting encounter between conflicting parties, especially between Yuuki, Kaname and Zero (Duh!).

The plot just keeps building and building. First being the mystery to Hiou Shizuka’s death (continuation from the first season), then moving on to Yuuki’s lost memories, then to what seemed like a tensed relationship between Hunter’s Association and Elder Council (Humans and Vampires) and while none of it was solved, the ending plot was laid out. I couldn’t help but wonder if the anime was going to have enough episodes to end properly at the rate of the mysteries keep piling up. However, by the end of the series, the worries were in vain as again the anime again surprised me. This time with a very good and, more importantly, solid ending. There were “almost” no loose ends. Every character had their own little conclusion and took steps towards moving on with their life. I also liked how the ending turn out completely different from what I predicted, which made it really interesting, and maybe just a tad bit depressing.

What seemed like a bunch of predictable casts turned out way different from my predictions. And that really kept my interest high. Now that I browse through my scrapbook... Damn! Everything I predicted was wrong. How cool is that!
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Action scenes aren’t anything worth writing about but it does its job and tells the story right. No wowing fight scenes there. Just a flash of light and the enemy is dead. Same goes for the final fight. Pretty disappointing actually. To build up so much depth for the villain only to end it all in a flash of light. What a waste.

Don’t know if anyone was bothered with this but Wow! Yuuki has some very big eyes there. Like some black hole seemingly possible to suck everything in if you stare at her eyes long enough. Makes Nagisa@Clannad looks like childs play. Lol!

At the end of the day, Vampire Knight Guilty’s biggest and possibly only weakness is Yuuki’s constant ranting of how helpless she is. It got painstakingly boring at some point which pushed me to the brink of using the fast forward button.
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Vampire Knight Guilty
Rating: 4-Stars
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