Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday is Flea Market Day

Was going around a flea market and found some really good deals on animes. Even though I watched both titles before, I bought these anyway since the deal was so good and I really felt like adding them to my collection. So I got DieBuster and Boys Be for Rm5 each. Really Dirt Cheap!


Noticed the Patlabor yet? :p Yeap.. Also got myself a Revoltech figure.
Revoltech No.42 - Patlabor AV-98 Ingram Movie Version to be exact. :p Rm75@Amcorp mall

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As much as it pains me to say this to my first Revoltech collectible, I actually expected much more. There was good detailing, but it was the finishing which disappointed me. Some edges were obviously missed when applying paint. Although minor, it would feel like it was scratched to the rough eye. Unfortunately for you readers, I am too lazy to take a picture of it now that I have tidy up my computer table so you will have to wait until the next time I take out my camera before you can see the missed parts.
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Although boasting of good articulation, I still find the body positions awkward. no matter how I tried to rotate the body parts. I still couldn't get it to stand straight up. The feet was closest it can get and still it felt like the figure was trying to show off it's "manliness". How did I remedy it? Lol.. I just pose it in a way which would require both legs to be wide apart.
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I'm gonna be really honest, I bent one of the guns so badly it ripped. Lol! It was a really tight gap trying to fit the gun into the hands. Way too freaking tight!
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But at the end of the day, I believe you get what you pay for in the figurine hobby. So if I wanted something better, I'd better expect to pay premium. Otherwise, be content! Got to remember to think this through the next time before I confirm on a figure. :p

More info: Revoltech Wiki

Correction: If you noticed that one hand is longer than the next, that's because the I didn't fully insert the hand at the joint. Lol! Noob alert!

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