Saturday, June 13, 2009

Infinite Space

The software developers Platinum Games and Sega have scheduled their Mugen Kōro - Infinite Space science-fiction roleplaying game for the Nintendo DS portable console next spring and announced the October launch of animated short films for the project. The game centers around Yūrī, a young man who journeys across lawless space and becomes a spaceship captain. The animation studios GONZO and Production I.G are producing short movies to promote the game and develop its world and storyline. The first of the movies will premiere at the Tokyo Game Show on October 9 and then will run on the game's official website on October 17. Source:
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Whenever a game company finds a full fledge anime studio to produce some short films or cinematics, you know that it can’t be anything bad. Infinite Space is no different. I won’t rate it since it isn’t really a full anime title. Even if I did, it will probably get somewhat low points since there really isn’t much of a story to go about from the animation alone and I don’t plan to play the game. But animation and sound wise, it does passes with flying colors. Animation and artwork was able to bring out a sense of greatness having a whole whopping lot of spaceships. I did find the color choice a little dull for both character and non-character designs, but I do understand that it’s hard to flex with the limitations of having to stick to the original game design.
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Infinite Space
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If only the encoded quality didn’t dropped, else it could have been a good addition to a collection. Yeah yeah! I know this isn't "really" something I should post/review about. I'm just feeling tired for the day and seeing it's already late into the night I don't want to start a new series and end up pulling another all-nighter again. So just chew on this post for now. :p

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