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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 2

Four years after Celestial Being's disastrous showdown with the Earth military, most of humanity is united under a single government: the Earth Sphere Federation. A-LAWS, an autonomous task force established in the name of preserving peace and security, is in reality responsible for the brutal and oppressive enforcement of the Federation government's will. The remnants of Celestial Being notice that the world is no better off in the wake of their actions four years ago, and in fact is largely worse. Feeling the need to take responsibility for their past actions and set things right, Setsuna and the rest of Celestial Being begin re-organizing, preparing to intervene in world affairs once again. Source:

The story continues exactly where season 1 left off at a rather face pace. Even I had difficulty remembering the ‘who, what, where, when’s. So for those who didn’t actually catch the first season, you are out of luck. Just google and read up a little. Mecha action fans will definitely get their fix from this series (duh!) as season 2 brings non-stop gundam battles, even more so than season 1. In fact, too much action is going on that there isn’t enough time for characters to fully explain themselves before moving on to another battle. A character suddenly appears and the next thing you know, they are battling. Now that I think about it, I should probably have re-watched season 1 before starting season 2 just to brush up my memories. Lol! A little too fast pace to my liking.

Animation style is as what you would expect from a Gundam series. Rejoice Gundam fans as the quality is still as consistent as ever, Introducing viewers to an ever-changing world of mecha and spacesuits. I have to admit on one thing though; I think that characters would be better explored if they weren’t in their spacesuits ninety percent of the time. It seemed somewhat dull that they never change clothing much.

This is one series which will really leave fans clinging on climbing up expectations to the ending. Rejoice as there will be a proper ending and no one left hanging. And as per what I think is among gundam trademarks, there are a few “neutral” characters whose ass viewers will feel like whooping so bad. This Gundam 00 series is no different and is definitely not recommended to those with high blood pressure. I lost count of how many times I felt I almost pop a blood vessel. Lol! I especially liked how they didn’t forget about Neil Dylandy, a character who died in season 1, and included him, giving him roles to play in season 2 as well. Kudos to that.

Out of the opening and closing themes, only Trust You by Yuna Ito, the 2nd ending theme managed to move me. But it wasn’t just the song itself; it was the good combination of the song and the background scenes. It was a well thought up music video. Unfortunately even if viewers listen to the opening and ending theme of every episodes, as I tried to, you would probably still not find a liking to the songs. The sound effect is good as it didn’t feel noisy from the gunshots and explosions during battles. A lot of animes actually flops on this.

All and all, this would have been a perfect series to me if only there weren’t 2 flaws. First flaw was the opening and ending themes. They felt too forceful in trying to blend in with the anime. Second flaw was the battle scenes have gotten way too flashy. Flashy enough to require an inclusion of an epilepsy warning along with the series. Otherwise, Gundam 00 is still an anime to shout about and will be accompanied by a 5-Star while doing so.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 2
Rating: 5-Stars
Torrents: Shinsen-Subs

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  1. Ah Gundam, there's a ever dying comparison between this and Macross/Robotech, which is better ?. For me, i personally love both but Gundam anime series has never drawn me into them, i guess becoz they're always reusing similar story flow. Gurren Lagan for the Win!