Sunday, April 5, 2009

Detective Conan: Full Score of Fear

At the prestigious Doumoto Music Academy, tragedy has struck: a bomb suddenly took the lives of two talented musicians as they practiced a piece. Soon after, Conan and the gang are invited to the opening concert of the school's new hall, and together they are able to hear the beautiful sounds of a Stradivarius violin. However, soon into their investigation of the murders, another explosion takes yet another life. Conan and his friends must get to the bottom of these mysterious murders and solve the case before more innocent lives are taken. Source:


There really isn’t much to say about Detective Conan movies, if you are a fan of the original series, you will definitely love this. And if you are not, then the reason why you are not a fan will still be the same reason why you won’t be a fan of this movie either. Whether it be the animation, the sound and music, or the enthusiasm. An important note to viewers is that this anime tells of a case that revolves around classical musicians so it does have a lot of classical music during the course of the anime which I enjoyed even if I wasn’t much of a fan.

The Detective Conan series has never been, to me, an anime with depth. It consists mainly of short cases using 1 to 3 episodes before unraveling the mystery. And viewers have to go through dozens of episodes before getting a glimpse of what might not even be a meaningful clue to the main plot. The main plot in this anime would be to find the solution of so that Conan can return to being an adult. That is definitely more important than finding the culprit behind this case.

And when lacking in depth, an anime will find it difficult to get viewers to feel attached to it. Especially when running for so many episodes. And that is also why it will have a majority of fan base of children who enjoys more episode to episode stories rather than watching an anime with a deep and long plot laid out. A shallow 3-Star then for this movie is still enjoyable as a good detective anime with a little mystery and more importantly logical and down to earth reasoning.

Detective Conan: Full Score of Fear
Rating: 3-Stars
Torrents: DC Translation Project

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  1. Hmm...never liked Conan series for some reason but Vivian loves it. No comment for something i dont watch but should be great for fans of the series alike. I wonder if the anime ever ends.