Thursday, March 19, 2009

White Album

Touya Fujii is a young university student who juggles two part-time jobs with his studies so that he can afford to live. The most important thing in his life is his girlfriend Yuki, but since she is an up and coming idol they barely get a chance to talk, let alone see each other. With her managers keeping a close watch on her and attempting to prevent their relationship, it seems that Touya and Yuki will simply have to make the most of their fleeting moments together. However, they do have one person fighting in their corner: Yuki’s friend - the famous idol Rina Ogata - hires Touya in order to create opportunities for the pair to be together. Unfortunately he is promptly fired when the production company discover her plan. When she pledges to make it up to him, Touya begins to wonder if Rina is all that she seems, and why is she going to so much trouble for him and Yuki? Source:


I know pure romance fans won’t exactly call this a romance anime. It was more like Fujii, being the main character, having a field trip deciding between the girls he likes. I wouldn’t say that the anime has a solid story but it was very addicting. More addicting than any soap opera I’ve watched. Yes, that’s it, White Album felt like an anime version of a soap opera title.
There are times while watching the anime I really felt sad for Yuki and Fujii. As their relationship gets manipulated around by the people they trust. Especially Yuki, being the sweet and weak girl that she is. There are also times when you will get so pissed off at Fujii for being so weak; not being able to confirm his love for Yuki and not straightening things out. Wanted to slap him so bad at times. Animation wise is rather average, nothing special on that. However, there are times when White Album really brings out the mood as animations get blurred out and pastel colors are used. This is something which makes it stand out moderately among other similar animes.

For an anime circling around singers, there really aren’t many songs to listen to. There are probably 2 to 3 short verses played throughout the series. But the opening and ending suited the theme nicely. Didn’t listed to both themes too much though, was trying to avoid feeling too moody and losing sleep (which later I found out was too late as I rolled around the bed for the rest of the night as scenes from the animes kept playing in my head and making me feel sad) And to me, any anime which can affect you wholeheartedly is a good anime. And White album is something even better. Oh man! This anime better end with a happy ending or I’m probably going to lose more sleep. 5-Sobby-Stars for White Album!

White Album
Rating: 5-Stars
Torrents: Eclipse
*Ending spoiler in comments


  1. Unfortunately, the final left viewers without an ending. Touya has not chose a girl for certain even when Yuki declared her love for him AGAIN! Fans will just have to wait for the next season to see how it goes. -_-"