Monday, March 30, 2009

Rating System

How I rate animes:
I start an anime series with an assigned 3-Stars. Then as the series goes, depending on how the anime fair overall, the rating will rise or drop.
Just a rough example, a series with a good start may rise up to a 4-Star then having a bad mid point of the series would probably drop a star, back to 3. Then Having a sucky ending would drop it another star to 2-Stars rating.

I do let anime community hype influence my initial ratings. Melancholy of Haruhi and K-On! (Yes you haters! I'm putting K-On on my About page) was super hyped and talked about before I even started watching the series, so I started watching them with a 4-Stars rating. Same goes for underhyped animes (Viper's Creed for example), will be assigned with a 2-Stars rating when I start out.

And just so you know, I always watch series only after I have gotten hold of the last episode. Which means I always get to read about the anime beforehand through other anime bloggers and Anime3r will always be late on reviews. -.-"
What can I say? I enjoy anime marathons.

Star ratings and what they signify:

1-Stars are basically a waste of time. Nuff' Said! I would only give 1-star ratings to the worst animes. As an effortless attempt at motivation.

2-Stars can only satisfy a handful. Maybe fans of the specific genre. But mostly not appealing.

3-Stars are worth checking out. Go ahead! Try a few episodes to make sure that you don't miss what might be potentially a good anime to your taste.

4-Stars will top most people's list. Almost a must watch, but not really there yet. Possibly lacking minor improvements. Able to give a sense of satisfaction when/after watching it.

5-Stars are a must watch! Even if you do not like this genre of anime. Cause this anime might be the very one to change your taste towards this genre! Even if it's far from perfect, as long as it has good content or really entertained me, it will go here.

Current anime review guidelines for now would be:
1) Used to do a review after watching 6 episodes, but I noticed that it wasn't really sufficient especially in animes which takes more episodes than that to build up the main plot. So will try to finish a whole series before I write a review from now on. Will bend this in accordance to capacity of hard disk drive. Lol!
2) The content or story of the anime will carry more points as to affect the rating. As how it should be! I prioritize content story wise over graphics. So don't be surprised if an anime with poor graphics get's good ratings. It's probably due to a good solid storyline.
3) To be as unbiased as possible towards the anime, regardless of title, studio, company or cast.

However, the guidelines will be amended should there be any need to. I'm new to this after all :p Just a little warning beforehand! I am pretty generous with my Stars.

Another note to readers is that I will mostly take synopsis from other sources like, or I will author the reviews only.

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